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May DJ

June 12, 2011

Paintings, prints, photographs, books, watercolors, a labyrinth, plants, and so much more. May’s DJ at Patti and Bob Brigham’s beautiful home provided a feast for our eyes, minds, and memories. Bits and pieces of the homeowner’s lives—past and present–can be found in each nook and cranny of their space. In graciously opening their home to our group, Patti and Bob revealed their many loves—family, literature, learning, running, art, their beloved greyhounds, music.

Built in 1925, the house’s various levels and alcoves coincided with  the many layers of emotions felt inside  the space.

Participants were inspired by spots within this destination, such as the staircase and the artworks displayed on the walls surrounding it. The wallpaper pattern in the kitchen was the perfect punchy portrait backdrop. The colors within and outside such as red, terracotta, greens, and grays gave dimension to the moment. The bookshelves and, of course, the books spoke to various decades that inspired and shaped their history. The interior windows intrigued as well as the vines growing around the panes and on the house’s exterior. Human emotions—complicated, rare, raw, worn, shiny, scuffed—all of these things that live within gave us much to explore in our journals.

Much love and thank you Patti and Bob!

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  1. June 15, 2011 2:19 pm

    What a lovely post! Bob and I were delighted to host the evening of creativity and fellowship for you and your DJs! Love to you, Ms. Dina!

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