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Holding Patterns

July 26, 2011

This Dennis Croteau sculpture caught my eye during a trip to Boston last month. It was part of the hotel’s extensive art collection—original works by Jonathan Borofsky, Frank Stella, Katherine Porter, Richard Serra—heavenly! What I love about this sculpture is its simplicity and how it made me feel. There were tiny birds flying within the surrounding leaves. I could hear the rustle, and then occasionally see one of the birds flying within the confines of the space. It felt like a pleasing holding pattern. And I was content to watch and wait. The work called me back several times during the trip. The haziness of the surrounding light and its brightness at times subtly changed the experience. I just liked what I felt when I was around it.

Today, think about patterns. The rhythm of a song. The weave of a favorite fabric. The things you go back to again and again. The rituals of morning and evening. Celebrate a pattern through your journal entry.

DJ sessions will begin again in the Fall with more great locations in store. In the meantime, relax and soak in your summer.

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