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Photo Martha Lent

Destination Journal is the result of the nudging and wonderful nature of some pretty amazing friends. Thank you. I will forever be grateful, give you hugs, send you mail, and share things involving wax paper, books, scent, and string.    Grand Mackster D

Destination Journal (or DJ for short) is a research tool for artist and writer, Dina Mack. DJ is also for artists, writers, poets, dabblers, and doers—of all experience levels—who want to further explore their creativity and creative work. Developed and led by Dina, DJ participants gather at a different location (or destination) to capture its sensory elements—smells, textures, tastes, sights, sounds—via traditional and non-traditional journal forms.

Dina is exuberant about sharing her love of art, literature, and all things sensory. She is full of 100% Romanian blood and a native Ohioan.

Individuals, Corporations, Universities, Groups
Interested in joining, scheduling, or hosting a Destination Journal session, workshop or sensory tour? Contact Dina at for additional details or follow this link:

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