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Steady Observation: The Intersection of Scientific Inquiry, Art, and Life – Orlando Weekly

Dina Mack’s Sensory Update  – WPRK 91.5 FM – ReThinking the City radio show.

Transference – Orlando Weekly

Art in Odd Places – Orlando Weekly

Art in Odd Places Turns Downtown into a Gallery Orlando Sentinel 

Sensory mapper and painter…Orlando Weekly

Imprint Opening Reception – Orlando Weekly

“That trip down sense memory lane comes courtesy of Dina Mack…” – Jessica Bryce Young features Victoria Henshaw’s Orlando visit via Skype in the Orlando Weekly.

Art and Process – Analog Digital Artist

15 Views of Orlando – Analog Digital Artist

Art installation created for Urban ReThink featured via their blog – The Art of Community 

“Mack finds power in a whisper…”Wandering Educators

Confluence Opening – Analog Digital Artist

“Women working together. A Confluence…” Orlando Weekly

“For the moment life’s worries and concerns vanished as we all captured and preserved what matters most, fleeting moments that are so important.” – Thomas Thorspecken shares his insights on Destination Journal in his blog Analog Digital Artist.

“…it seizes all the senses, smell and touch especially.” – Egberto Almenos, The Art and Poetry of Dina Mack Suite 101

“…journal entries, poetry, and symbols to seek a balance between the tactile and the mental.” – Rex Thomas, Seraphic Beauty by the Railroad: The Studio of Dina Mack, The Examiner


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