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April’s poetic lesson.

April 30, 2011


Honoring the last day of poetry month with April’s Poetry magazine, the forest, and all the beauty that comes with a great setting and great company was simply, well, poetic. The Poetry Foundation supplied copies of the April magazine, featuring Averill Curdy, Karen An-hwei Lee, and Laura Kasischke, to interested reading groups around the globe. Destination Journal used the poems to inspire the work created in today’s workshop held at Lake Lotus Park in Altamonte Springs, Florida. I’ll be sharing Summer, Hilary, and Kim’s work with the foundation as a follow-up to what we shared with each other. Certain lines stood out, such as “…the things we love tell us who we are” from Karen An-hwei  Lee’s poem Theories of the Soul.  

April 30, 2011: Poems, trees, color, cardinals, odd-shaped plants, maple leaf skeletons

So, what do you truly love? May is waiting for you.  

Upper photo: Summer Rodman (photo of Hilary Brown’s journal page)

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