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November 22, 2012

It’s 12:53, Thanksgiving Day. With so many reasons to be thankful and, as of yet, not food “full,” sharing a few words of thanks.

Thank you:

You know who. For helping me truss the turkey. And getting the turkey bag to roaster. And getting the neck and the other questionable items from the cavity bag to the garbage bag.

You know who. For sharing in my squeamishness. You may be a vet someday. But, you will never have to eat the animals you help.

You know who. The movie Lincoln will be great. Daniel Day-Lewis. Enough said.

You know who. A “thank you” and “happy thanksgiving” note via text, email, or real mail  is always a smile-starter.

You know who. Keep writing or ________. Stop doubting.

You know who. You may be far away. But, I love you.

I’ve started my Sketchbook Project journal with a theme of: “Most everything I cooked and some things I ate or drank over the holidays.”  Hoping to stuff the pages over the next two months. Jot down some old or new traditions in your Destination Journal. Happy Thanksgiving and may your day(s) be full.

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