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Art in a Sense

Smells, sights, textures, tastes, and sounds shape spaces and experiences. Explore your surroundings and your senses further with me via Destination Journal (DJ for short) posts, sensory tours, walks, and workshops.

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Oh Pomelo

January 4, 2014


My daughter went citrus-picking and brought back a pomelo, an unknown fruit to me until today. This  sensory squirter begins with a peek inside a  bright red packing bag, and continues with mottled outer skin, a light pink rind, sweet and sour, glossy, fish scale innards. Big as a baby’s head, its alien fruit-flesh is delicious.

Today, create something in your Destination Journal based on a newly discovered or fictional fruit.

Coffee Constant Constance

December 29, 2013


I’ve been drinking coffee since the age of eight, maybe earlier; sipping it with my mom Constance and the church ladies. Sipping always with cream, sometimes with sugar, until the past year. Now I  like black coffee. I like the sharp layer it leaves on the tongue, the delicate bubbles colliding and clinging to an edge. White ceramic mug lipstick stains forming southern climate snowflakes.

Destination Journal 2013 Wrap-Up and 2014 Forward Thinking

December 22, 2013

Dina Mack

The year brought many chances to listen, taste, touch, see, and smell the world in small ways. Seven observations that still ring true to me in 2013 and a few hopes and musings for the New Year:

Not large and loud and with a big crowd. Hoping to continue with Destination Journal in 2014 on a small and intimate scale. Workshops and walks in unusual spaces are on the horizon

Going on a TrIP.  Looking forward to working on some new work based on the latest Corridor Project.

Book, books, books. Adding some new ones to my collection in 2014 and continue to use them as inspiration for Destination Journal. I particularly adore Visual Editions. 

Wrapping my arms around smell. Still learning, gathering, asking questions related to the sense of smell. Continuing to incorporate this and the other senses in my artwork and workshops. In 2014, I look forward to meeting, and perhaps even collaborating, with more experts on the smell front.

The studio and the swimming pool. More of both in 2014. Looking forward to reading Leanne Shapton’s Swimming Studies in 2014. Wrapping and unwrapping it this Christmas.

Little flowers, stems, pods, roots. I love you.

Dollhouse Timeshare. I am a proud, part-owner of a dollhouse. Next year is sure to bring small moments and big laughs to this tiny home within a home.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and thanks for reading!


December: One Book

December 1, 2013


Commission accomplished. December is off to a great start.

Here’s to enjoying the moments currently on your plate or studio table this month. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. 

Subject: Trees

November 24, 2013



Subject: Trees

I do

miss November,

she still lives




turning pages

within her forest

shelves of  subject




to rake among

the Northern,

The Native Trees of Canada.

Merry library,

Will you take me?

Stacks of leaves


from this day forward

to have

to hold

till death us do part.


Holiday’s Past/Place/Settings

November 24, 2013


A Tiny Space to Call Home

November 2, 2013



Sounds: Birds, super-souped-up car engines
Sights: Warehouses, sculptures, a giant Indian Chief
Smells: Cedar, pine, pencil shavings
Textures: Wool, metal,
Taste: Coffee, wasabi peas

Last month’s Destination Journal was set in a very unusual and poetic space, one with pavement and cedar surroundings.The backdrop: a trampoline center, bead warehouse, church, sculptures, a thoughtfully curated Dwell-magazine-worthy shed, made entirely of repurposed materials. Caroline, Brittany, and I only scratched the location’s surface —via a golf cart ride and guided tour of the massive property. But this visit created a shift in perspective. The buildings and concrete books (a small set planted on the site, created by Brynsley Tyrrell—a larger quantity can be found in his spectacular installation, Behind the Brain Plaza, at Kent State University ) held so many personal stories. A woman loves beads, so her husband finds a space for her to sell them. A father grows older, so his son moves across the country to spend more time with him. Spaces are living journal entries—we move within and around them, sharing, remembering, and retreating.

Tory Chloe 1

October 24, 2013


Working on some new pieces incorporating fragrance industry ephemera.

Beach. Blanket. Bingo.

October 8, 2013


Does your brain need a break? Then, make a plan to hit a nearby beach, forest, or stretch of green, blue, or rust. Let your mind, eyes, nose, ears and toes wander. Create a Destination Journal entry with sand, twigs, or a long, poetic pause.

40th Birthday Purse/6.24

September 16, 2013


Each purse tells a story—its lipsticks, receipts, mirrors, past owners, crumbs of a life; all are Destination Journal entries.

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