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Destination Journal: An ode/oud to 2016

January 9, 2016


I love rituals and 2016 will probably bring more smells, sounds, and stems from years’ past. Looking forward to these and more surprises as well. An ode, and hopefully an oud (of the perfume variety but the stringed musical instrument would also be lovely).  Here’s to the old, the new, the odd, and the ordinary this year…

Looking to explore quiet spaces for this year’s Destination Journal workshops and walks, perhaps within a few Monastatic-type environments. I want to track more smells in the field.

Working on upcoming exhibitions for this year – including a group show in March called Transference.

The Briefcase Library. Twenty-five books are currently checked out of the underground library. I’ll be working on more art inspired by books and of course loaning, selecting, and obsessing on their aesthetic, perhaps even designing a bookplate for the library.

The Cornell Fine Arts Museum, the studio, the swimming pool and bicycle, art museums and libraries, music, family, breakfast/lunch/dinner/last minute meetups with friends, a road trip or two. Cream of Wheat. More of all these in 2016.

The Sensory Times  – last year’s 12 editions are complete. Will I revisit them?

Watercolors. And more of the usual: threads, pins, paper, plants, plexi…

The Dollhouse Timeshare. The Dollhouse Timeshare Homeowner’s Association was on a bit of a hiatus last year. Perhaps we will meet within the 2nd quarter of 2016.

Alien I4. Current construction on Florida’s Interstate 4 brings interesting visuals. Birds, water, cracked pipes, concrete, rust, machinery, mounds of dirt, plastic pieces in piles. Every so often I take a picture and post it on Instagram (dinamackdj) with the hashtag Alien I4. The look of I4 right now is otherworldly.


Happy New Year!

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