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A New Destination Journal Year: 2015

January 4, 2015



Here are a few new, and not-so-new, musings and ongoing goals for 2015. Many are repeat visitors from 2014.

Not large and loud and with a big crowd. Hoping to continue with Destination Journal in 2015 on a small and intimate scale. Workshops and walks in unusual spaces are on the horizon.

Hope to complete some new work based on past inspiration within The Sensory Space of A Bus and other projects.

Book, books, books. Adding some new ones to my collection in 2015 and continue to use them as inspiration for Destination Journal. I particularly adore Visual Editions. Over the past year, I created The Briefcase Library, an underground library with ongoing checkouts and no late fees for Friends of the Briefcase Library. I post images now and then on Instagram: dinamackdj. Also hope to work on more artist book collaborations and to spend more time in libraries, big and small.

Still learning, gathering, asking questions related to the sense of smell. Continuing to incorporate this and the other senses in my artwork, walks, and workshops. I will greatly miss an inspiration and gracious mentor in this area, Victoria Henshaw, who passed away last year.

The studio, the Cornell Fine Arts Museum, the swimming pool. More of all three in 2015.

The Sensory Times – I started working on this body of work later last year and am now four issues in.

Little flowers, stems, pods, roots. I STILL love you.

Dollhouse Timeshare. Hope to spend some time with the Dollhouse Timeshare Homeowner’s Association this year.   

Here’s to a wonderful January and Happy New-ish Year!

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