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Sensory Scene Behind Park Avenue

June 1, 2014

photo 1

April’s Sensory Tour gave us a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the shops, restaurants, and cooking oil containers of Winter Park, Florida’s, Park Avenue. We tracked smells on the route down the alley, and then listened to the sounds of the space and the evening on the way back. We were fortunate to gain access into an interior, fan-filled, low-ceiling corridor. This gap between buildings led directly to the actual Gap store across the street. Smells along the way included: fresh tortillas from Cocina 214, soap, assorted garbage, oil, cigarettes, jasmine. The alley’s terrain changed as businesses led to private residences and as our eyes glanced above and below the surface. We enjoyed a sensory palette cleansing, and air conditioning, inside Sassafras Sweet Shoppe.

Sounds on the way back included a very squeaky cart wheel, music, conversation, and a serene series of water drips.

photo 3

photo 2

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