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Holding and Unfolding History

January 20, 2014

J.A. Rogers

This weekend I went to Renningers antiques and flea market for their extravaganza (which is an interesting looking word in my opinion). Typically, I wander around at these types of places, looking for pens or pins or perfumes or books. But this time, I had a goal: find someone’s diary, journal or sketchbook. I didn’t find one. What I did find was a box of correspondence from an estate sale–letters and photos of J.A. Rogers and Helga Rogers. Life lingers in letters. I only purchased a few pieces (was keeping it to a $10 minimum for the day and admission was $4). Some of the letters are typed, others handwritten. One is a letter to J.A. Rogers from Philippa Schuyler. Today’s sensory pleasure is holding and unfolding these thin, vellum letters, bright yellow and linen, stamped with the heads of curly-haired composers, and taking note that the smell of 1960’s letters is the same as 1940’s letters. “Trusting we will meet in the not too distant future accept much love to you…”

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  1. Brigan Gresh permalink
    January 20, 2014 3:46 pm

    What a lovely find!! The way you wrote about them made me inhale deeply and sigh…

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