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Winter Park Touch Tour

January 28, 2013

Carolina Sardi

Saturday’s DJ Sensory Tour was all about the sense of Touch.  Hot, velvet, sharp, rough—and about twenty dozen more—textures were found on a small stretch of Park Avenue in Winter Park, Florida. First, we drank warm coffee. Next, we made indoor stops at Restoration Hardware and See, and touched/logged tactile treasures there. Before gathering in the park to create in our Destination Journals, we studied and felt the botanicals surrounding the park. Summer Rodman’s photo (above) of Carolina Sardi’s touchable sculpture, Three Double Nests, was another sensory surprise. Of course, we didn’t touch any of the other Art on the Green sculptures (or any derrieres), but they certainly added to the morning’s setting.

Today, block out every sense, except for Touch. Study your writing surface, pen or pencil, and the items surrounding you with your fingertips. Do this for 20 minutes and then log the textures you discover. Now, begin something in your Destination Journal based on what you’ve touched.

Upper photo by Summer Rodman

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