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DJ January Joy

January 30, 2012

January’s Destination Journal brought us to Barnie’s Coffee Kitchen in Winter Park, Florida. The intent of DJ is to explore a specific environment, using all of the senses, and then to create based on the location’s elements. This location did not disappoint.

Taste: lovely Turkish coffee, toasted brioche and more; Scent: fresh brewed coffee, of course; Sound: a nearby fountain and also two gallons of dropped and splashed milk; Touch: a fallen camellia flower, Summer’s smooth handmade book cover, paper of  various weights, and Kim’s colorful assortment of journals—she’s currently taking Crealde School of Art’s bookmaking class taught by Hye Shin—Sight: the surrounding plants, pink lipstick smears on white ceramic cups, an illustrated tile.

Today, splurge on a fancy cup of java. Bring your journal along, and use the simple coffee sipping ritual as inspiration. What color and pattern variations can be found in the cup as the liquid changes?  What color and shape is the cup? What if you captured a latte, a la time-lapse photography?

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