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October 30, 2011

Stardust Video & Coffee, 0ur backup location for October’s Destination Journal, never disappoints for inspiration. Backdrop: Rain, coffee, mint tea packets wrapped on sticks, bright orange paper lanterns, strings of lights, the stomach butterfly-flutter of standing on stage, deep green leaves and dirt—art in all its forms is alive here.

We set two tables (works of art created by the Dust’s owner, Brett) and soaked our senses with the space. Kim’s page featured leaves and words, reminiscent of the windowpanes, and Summer shared her gorgeous handmade envelope (again, a work of art) and other tiny treasures she discovered on her travels. Beth sparked a conversation which will indeed lead to a future DJ ephemera exchange. Michelle added to her luscious map book, and her mom, Phyllis, used pencil sketches to describe the setting.

Some morning moments unfolded: Sharing an antique bottle of Sanford’s Pen It green ink (thank you to another Greene for this gift), spilling a box of pins, mark-making and Mark making a serendipitous appearance. Thank you to my DJ friends, rainy mornings, and Stardust Video & Coffee.

If you’re working in your journal, on your canvas, in your kitchen, and you’re uninspired, maybe you need a rain plan? Put down that pencil, palette, or potato and reposition yourself. Don’t fret about what is or what is next, just find a new setting and let the rain take the lead.

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