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Practice your signature scent.

November 7, 2010

As Florida experiences it’s first cold snap of the season–and I’m not talking politics here–it’s time to shift scents. Chanel’s Cristalle, my summer go-to spritz, will have to make room for earthier delights. Hello there L’Ombre Dans L’Eau and Philosykos. These two Diptyque fragrances, created by the beautiful Olivia Giacobetti, are strong, earthy, mega-memory mappers. Magnifique! L’Ombre breathes Bulgarian rose and black currant while Philosykos is all about the mighty fig. I like wearing these as solo scents or blending them together or blending them with other mixes.

There are many wonderful sites out there hosted by perfume lovers and experts. I tried to locate the name of the perfumer or the perfume that I tested at the shop Worthwhile in Charleston, SC. The perfume was beautifully packaged and played upon the strength of scent and memories. One signature name was something like “Snow Storm 1977.” I’ll be contacting Worthwhile to see if they can help in locating the actual name, but in the meantime ran across another blog you may enjoy,, featuring independent perfumers.

What’s your signature scent? Today, add a few perfume notes to your journal. Try to remember a specific moment when you were wearing your favorite fragrance or surrounded by a particular scent. Sketch the scene surrounding the location. Can you recall the details or just fragments of the setting? Pick-up a new bottle of the fragrance or revisit the destination to relive or create a new memory. Or simply, take a few moments to jot down what you admire, love, or loathe about the person who wears a particular scent in your life.

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